AC-3401 Dual channel true diversity wireless microphone

AC-3401 Dual channel true diversity wireless microphone

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•Microcomputer CPU control, transmission without delay,faster.
•2*100 channel free choice, LCD digital display, professional high-end.
•Dual channel independent inquiry system that can minimize frequency breaking.
•Noise lock squelch control, eliminate external noise, ensure sound fidelity.
•Unique audio/RF level display, battery voltage display, infrared to frequency.
•Dual channel independent AFS frequency automatic search function, more anti-interferences.
•Various launches are available to meet the needs of different occasions.

 System Parameter  AC-3401
 Working Frequency  640~690MHzMHz
 Modulation  FM
 Frequency Channel  200
 Switching Bandwidth  250KHz
 Frequency Stability  0.005%
 Dynamic Range  100dB
 Max Deviation  +45KHz
 Audio Frequency Response  40Hz—18KHz(+1 dB, –3 dB)
 THD  less than 2%

 Receiver Parameter
 Function Principle  Tunable FREQUENCY (UHF)
 Medium Frequency  110MHz, 107MHz
 Antenna Connection  2x BNC
 Sensitity  128dBuV
 Sensitivity Adjustment Range  12-32dB μ V
 Noise Rejection  more than 75 Db
 Max Output Level  + 10dBV

 Transmitter Parameter
 Antenna  Bulit in
 RF Output  less than 10mW
 Noise Rejection  – 60dB
 Transmission Range  50-100m
 Power  2 pcs AA bateries
 Batter Life  10 hours in normal power
 12 hours in low power

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