AC-7300 IR Radiator

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  • Radiates & distributes up to 4/6/8/10/12 channels of audio signal
  • Auto switched on/off by carrier signals from transmitter unit
  • Auto gain control to ensure diodes with max. efficiency
  • Convection cooled for noiseless, reliable operation
  • Mounted on ceiling, wall, floor stand or optional tripod
  • Easily daisy-chained together to expand coverage
  • Half radiator angle: 卤22掳

Technical Parameter of IR Radiator

Items Parameter
Frequency band 1.7 – 4.0MHz
Max. IR output power 25W
Max. coverage range 30m
Angle of half intensity 卤22掳
RF output impedance 50 ohms
Channel separation >70dB
RF output power level 700mV
RF output impedance 50 ohms
RF input voltage 100-2000mV
Power consumption 55W / Stand-by 8W
Power Supply AC110V/240V/50Hz~60Hz
Dimension mm
N.W kg


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