AI-9000S IP Network Public Address and Intercom System Software

AI-9000S IP Network Public Address and Intercom System Software

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1. Monitor the terminal connection status, terminal volume and terminal working condition.
2. Allow users to monitor the environment around the terminal for fault detection and evaluation.
3. System task monitoring: Administrator can check the executive broadcasting tasks and use monitoring voice box to monitor the designated task and forcedly finish the playing tasks.
4. Real-time document broadcasting: Real-time broadcasting can be available for entire terminal or random group terminal on the main control computer and the sub-control computer, and audio content can be selected.
5. Real-time audio cast: It can connect the external source, such as mixer, deck and microphone to server audio card or coding terminal. High-quality digital signal coded by the server or coding terminal is sent to the specified terminal or terminal group to play.
6. Timed task: Flexibly prepare tasks need to be played in each time frame every day, and it can prepare multiple task plan and quickly change the current active plan used for quick change of plans, such as work and rest in summer and winter and test plan.
7. Support telephone broadcast and incoming call to be broadcasted.
8. Allow security and fire signal to be broadcasted.



Hardware environment: RAM above 2 GB, hard disk above 80 GB and CPU main channel above 2.0 GHz.
Operation system: Windows XP, Windows Server 2003/2008, Windows 7/8.

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