DSP Class D 2-CH Professional Amplifier

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Adopts DSP processor, 24BIT/96K sampling rate, 31 PEQ input and 10 PEQ output, input and output delay 0-25ms adjustable, input and output band-pass filter, all-pass filter, independent voltage limit, high performance switching power supply technology with noise gate + class D power amplifier rear stage, advanced protection function DC protection, over-temperature protection, VHF protection, peak voltage limit, temperature voltage limit, soft start and other low noise self- heating. All heat dissipation of variable speed fan is produced by SMD process. 5-gear call switch.

ADS-240A ADS-260A ADS-280A ADS-2130A
Stereo Rated Power 8惟 2 * 400W 2 * 600W 2 * 800W 2 * 1300W
Stereo Power 4惟 2 * 600W 2 * 900W 2 * 1200W 2 * 2000W
Bridge Power 8惟 1200W 1800W 2400W Unavailable
Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz
Distortion <0.05%@ 8惟 1KHz
Damping Coefficient > 200
Voltage Gain 36dB
Sensitivity 0.775V
Signal-to-Noise Ratio > 95dB
Input Interface XLR&14TRS
Input voltage 220V~240V
Height 2U

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