Multiple Input Pre Amplifier

Multiple Input Pre Amplifier

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• With 10 channels inputs: includes 5 MIC inputs, 3 channels AUX inputs, 2 channels emergency line inputs;
• MIC1 comes with top priority, forced-switch into priority function;
• ENC1 & ENC2, MIC1, 2, 3, 4, 5come with second priority and AUX1, 2, 3 come with third priority;
• MIC input and AUX input are adjustable, ENC audio signal input is not ajustable;
• Auto default to -30dB, can adjust the TREBLE and BASS independently.

Model No. AP-101
Mic Input 600Ω, 10mV(-54dBV),Unbalanced
Line Input 10KΩ, 250mV (-10dBV), Unbalanced
Line Output 600Ω, 1V, Unbalanced
Frequency Response 60Hz~18KHZ
Nonlinear Distortion HD<0.01% at 1KHz
S/N MIC: 65dB Line: 85dB
Tone BASS: ±10dB(100Hz), TREBEL: ±10dB(20KHz)
Power Supply AC 220-240V/50-60Hz
Power Consumption 10-15W
Protection AC Fuse (0.5A) X 2
Dimension 485*340*88mm
NW 7.0kg

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